Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Friends're really really great  gifts...no matter where they live or how they look ,that's an awesome thing to have them...

When there's someone you can talk to ,when there's an ear to listen & when you find so many people with same interests , same favorite books , same age & everything!then you'll know there are some poeople out there that are totally like you & that you ain't alone!Not that I have no friends here in Iran , but there are few people with exactly the same interests ( apart from my best mate , which she , as well , is different from me in some ways!!) actually all of us are different from eachother , but there are some people , you feel closer to , and these friends I've recently found , are like that!♥l*Grinz widely!!!*l

When you have friends from all over the world , then you feel how great is our dear earth &that there are many places far from ours & many people who live completley different from us ...but the greatest thing you realize is that how close we are & that we're all humanbeings...that's

sweet...so sweet.I just remembered this quote of J.K Rowling's :"We're all human, aren't we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving." :Dl(actually dunno why it reminded me of this!!)l

-Kingsley Shacklebolt

— J.K. Rowling

Yesterday one of these friends wonned to chat & as I went for her , she said :

Serena: u r special

Novin Nabavi: me? l

Serena: نیشخند 

Serena: ya

Novin Nabavi: how come?

Novin Nabavi:خجالت

Serena: cuz u actually listen, and help a friend in need


This felt incredibly awesome!maybe this made write this post...i just wonned to say that i've found some great friends & i'm really happy to have them...Hey !if you're reading this , (as i may put it on goodreads) I really love you all!l

"Differences of habit and language are nothing when our aims are identical & our hearts open "

-prof. Albus Dumbledore. (J.K Rowling)l


  1. A friend in need is a friend indeed ;)
    I'm so glad you 've found such a nice girl like Serena.Seems that you both deserve each other :) . By the way is she Canadian? My friend's friend whose name s Serena is Canadian!
    Any way, I do agree that friends are priceless gifts... I used to have alot of friends when I was in your age and when I was in Iran, but here... not so much.I think when people have something they don't feel the value of it unless they loose it.
    I've s.th else to say! You are such a smart girl and you have a very nice mom .

    Thats all!

  2. راستی نوین جان هروقت انگلیسیت اومد انگلیسی بنویس. I would be happy to read it  ;)

  3. Yeah, it's wonderful to have friends from all over our lovely planet.

  4. true friends are rare ... like gems
    nice post
    thanks for dropping by... thanks for your nice comments...