Tuesday, March 31, 2009


این برف خیلی بی شعوره که با این که شکوفه های گیلاس و  می بینه بازم با کمال پررویی به باریدن ادامه میده.


Friday, March 20, 2009

عید شد؟ نه جدی! یعنی الان داره دیگه عید میشه؟؟


من تو این چند روزه خیلی چیزا میتونستم بنویسم ولی نمیدونم چرا نمیشد! یعنی تعریف کردنم نمیومد بعد میترسیدم لوس بشه...مثلن اون شبی که ما موندیم مدرسه خیلی هیجان انگیز(!!) بود...یا جشنِ فرداش...ولی دیگه شرمنده انقد ننوشتم ننوشتم تا عید شد. روزشماری امسال خوب از آب در نیومد...anyway...عید همه مبارک!

پ.ن. 1 ساعت مانده به نوروز!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009

دو هفته مانده به عید!

New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2) New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
I enjoyed reading New Moonas much as I enjoyed reading the first book,Twilight; but I don't think neither of the books were so great or anything. They are really well-written and appealing. Readers would probably want to read non-stop to the end and they can't wait until they get their hands on the next book in the series(exactly the way I, myself am about the saga)and this is great, but I can't see any developement in the characters , I can't call a cheerful,kind and caring boy turning a werewolf , unwantedly develpoement, or a human living every second of her life with the dream of becoming a vampire -which I guess she would become one at the end- developement.I don't like the situation Bella is in having to chose between her best friend Jacob, and the person she really loves, Edward. And I don't see the point of this unconditional love she is giving Edward.
I don't think Edward & Bella and the other similar characters are bad, or they suck, or anything, but they are far beyond real life, everything is so beautiful, and lovely for them & they don't display the real meaning of perfect, like the vampires' imortality and eternal life and extreme inhuman beauty is the most honorable things they have, but beauty isn't a meassure for perfectness,vampires do have superpowers, but again they have nothing to do with life, I understandit is fiction , but I still can't get the point of the books , comparing to othe fictions i've read.In this series I can't see anything impressive other than unconditional, irrevocable and ofcourse unreal love.
But remeber, any of the things I mentioned above are not going to take a teeny-tiny bit of the enjoy the books gave me away! I am still looking forward to reading the next to books and even Midnight Sun!As I said the series is addicting, eventhough it has got nothing beyond the plot!

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